Thursday, April 30, 2009

NHBC Brewery Update

Alright people, it's been a long time since anyone posted anything on the "brewer's blog", so I'm bringing you all back in to the loop. There is too much that has happened since the last time I posted to fill you in on all of the adventures that we've had, so I'll cut to the present... beer-wise. For 2009 we have made some serious changes in the lineup (as I am sure you have all noticed). We cut our lineup to 3 seasonal beers and have added a number of draught-only beers - some of which include Red Tulip, Zoomer, Brother Jacob, Imperial Hatter, Existential and a few more that I won't share with you just yet. Dragon's Milk has been rockin' and we've been putting it out every month - instead of every three months that we used to do. We have started to alternate packaging Milk in 22's and 12's every other month, which gives people some options as to how they want to buy it. We have gotten a bit of new equipment that has helped us out a ton - 2 new 100bbl fermenters, 2 new 100bbl bright beer tanks, and a new sterile filter have all made life at the plant a bit easier. Due to the increase in Dragon's Milk production, we have grown an impressive wood-ageing cellar with barrels from some top-notch distilleries from the South.

I can't tell you all of the things that we have kicking around idea-wise, but just know that there are some very big things in the works. Our crew has grown and has brought in a few new faces. So here is the rundown at the production facility: John Haggerty (brewmaster/bad motherfucker), Adam LeClaire (warehouse manager/shipping & receiving), Jacob Derylo (lead brewer), Ted Cothran (Packaging supervisor), John Stewart (sink pisser, aka lab guy), Jason Salas (brewer), Mike DeHaan (cellerman), Brandon MacClaren (FNG/packaging "specialist"/delivery bitch), and Bill VanEnneneneneneneeneneman (packaging worker/warehouse specialist/beard aficianado). I'm sure that I've forgotten someone extremely important, but let's be real -fuck em'.

I'll try to keep this "up to date", but chances are that it'll be another 2 years until I get back at it. Just remember that your NHBC brewers have love for you - thanks for your support.

Believe it or not, Jacob is getting married...

That's right people, after a long absence from the NHBC brewer's blog, we're back bitches. We're back with big news. Your good friend and mine, Jacob Derylo, is getting married in 2 days. If any of you have ever met Jake, you probably have the same thing going through your head that is going through mine - how the hell did this happen? A simple look at "his" gift registry will show you that there is a multitude of candleholders and shoe-racks in his future. We are all hoping that he has made exit plans.

All joking aside, we are all happy for Jacob and Erin and wish them the best. The next time you see them, congratulate them and give them your love.

NHBC Love,
Pierre LeClaire