Thursday, April 30, 2009

Believe it or not, Jacob is getting married...

That's right people, after a long absence from the NHBC brewer's blog, we're back bitches. We're back with big news. Your good friend and mine, Jacob Derylo, is getting married in 2 days. If any of you have ever met Jake, you probably have the same thing going through your head that is going through mine - how the hell did this happen? A simple look at "his" gift registry will show you that there is a multitude of candleholders and shoe-racks in his future. We are all hoping that he has made exit plans.

All joking aside, we are all happy for Jacob and Erin and wish them the best. The next time you see them, congratulate them and give them your love.

NHBC Love,
Pierre LeClaire

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